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Dislocated Space #1
Photographic prints on wood
ca. 4 m x 5 m x 2,7 m (b x d x h)

This installation was shown during Berlin Art Week at Kunstquartier Bethanien/Projektraum in the show "Augmented Dreams".
The work is meant to be participative, visitors can interact and enter the construction. Only being looked at from one point of perspective, the fragments come into one and the image can be perceived.
The work is finalized when being photographed.

http://www.michel-lamoller.de/files/gimgs/th-151_6Dislocated Space_Bethanien_side3.jpg
http://www.michel-lamoller.de/files/gimgs/th-151_5Dislocated Space_Bethanien_side2a.jpg
http://www.michel-lamoller.de/files/gimgs/th-151_4Dislocated Space_Bethanien_side1.jpg
http://www.michel-lamoller.de/files/gimgs/th-151_2Dislocated Space_Bethanien_front up.jpg
http://www.michel-lamoller.de/files/gimgs/th-151_3Dislocated Space_Bethanien_front.jpg
http://www.michel-lamoller.de/files/gimgs/th-151_1Dislocated Space_Bethanien_right side .jpg